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Natural Product Standard

The Natural Product Standard regards itself as an instrument for promoting correct consumer information and fair competition. Its contents are subject to ongoing controls in consideration of technical developments and new knowledge. The possibilities of an environmentally friendly production and the principles of sustainable management are especially considered. Suggestions on the part of the consumers are explicitly desired.

The control according to the Natural Product Standard is being conducted for products that serve for the human, animal and plant care and health or the application on objects. Excepted from this are cosmetic products that are already included in a standard of BDIH and carry a respective control mark.

Thus, the scope of application extends especially to medical products, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, commodities, cleaning agents, care products and products intended for animal and plant nutrition and care. Significant for the categorization of the products are the relevant definitions of the European law.

The Natural Product Standard might be complemented with specific criteria for certain product groups in cooperation with interested manufacturers. Here you find the current basic standard for all kinds of products mentioned above:

Natural Product Standard [pdf, 140 kb]

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